Module 2: Niche or Generalist

Once you have done some Woozle-hunting and identified what your clients actually need, value and are willing to pay you for, your next decision will be how or whether to focus what you do. Watch the screencast for the pros and cons of specializing in a niche and being a generalist.

Slide deck is HERE

MP3 (audio-only) file is HERE


Now you see why those Woozle-hunting interviews are so important! You have moved beyond the obvious market (which most solopreneurs will aim for) to the actual market of people who are happy to pay you for your services.

Knowing what your prospective clients need, value and want to pay you for, describe the niche you intend to own. What needs are you meeting that are not obvious to a casual observer (or you before your interviews)?






What are four key concerns of your client base?

1. ________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________________

4. __________________________________________________________



Nusii, a proposal software provider, has an interesting blog post on having a niche or being a generalist. See Should you be a freelance Jack of all trades? Niche or Generalist?

I also blogged about two approaches to specializing, at Specialist or generalist? – part 1 and part 2.