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I have been writing books, articles and columns about the information industry since 1992. I offer a crisp, down-to-earth writing style that’s reader-friendly and brings my topics to life.


The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Making a Living Doing What You Love (2014) Niwot Press, 216 pgs

Building and Running a Successful Research Business: A Guide for the Independent Information Professional (2010) Information Today, 529 pgs

Super Searchers Cover the World: The Online Secrets of International Business Researchers (2001) Information Today, 290 pgs

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The Online Deskbook: Online Magazine’s Essential Desk Reference for Online and Internet Searchers (1996) Information Today, 450 pgs


Librarians as Prompt EngineersComputers in Libraries (March 2024,) p. 35

Imposter Syndrome? Don’t Sabotage Your Hard WorkAIIP blog (Feb 6, 2024)

Have You Chatted With Your Documents Lately?Computers in Libraries (Nov 2023), p. 35

Generative AI: A Valuable Ally for Infopreneurs?” AIIP blog (Oct. 31, 2023)

“Have You SWOTed Lately?” Computers in Libraries (Sept 2023), p. 35

Strategic Doing, Not Just Strategic Planning” AIIP blog (August 1, 2023)

“Information Search and Rescue” Computers in Libraries (July 2023), p. 35

“Geocaching and the Turing Test” Computers in Libraries (May 2023), p. 35

Networking Introductions that Work” AIIP blog (April 18, 2023)

“Will We Be Replaced by Chatbots?” Computers in Libraries (March 2023), p. 35

Becoming Frictionless” AIIP blog (Jan. 24, 2023)

“Making a Case for Authoritative Sources” Online Searcher (Nov/Dec 2022), p. 48

Having Difficult Conversations with Clients” AIIP blog (Oct. 25, 2022)

“High-Tech and High Touch” Online Searcher (Sep/Oct 2022), p. 48

No More Fake It ‘til You Make It” AIIP blog July 19, 2022)

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It’s All About Why, not How” AIIP blog (April 5, 2022)

The Laundry Basket Theory of Organizing InformationOnline Searcher (Mar/Apr 2022), p. 48

Info Pros as a ServiceOnline Searcher (Jan/Feb 2022), p. 48

The DNA of an Infopreneur” AIIP blog (Dec 28, 2021)

Licensed Content in a New World Online Searcher (Nov/Dec 2021), p. 48

Should You Get Niched?” AIIP blog (Sept 15, 2021)

Are You Research-Literate?Online Searcher (Sept/Oct 2021), p. 48

Say What? AI-Driven Voice-to-Text Transcription” Online Searcher (Jul/Aug 2021), p. 48

Making Work Time Count” AIIP blog (Jun 29, 2021)

Socializing Information” Online Searcher (May/Jun 2021), p. 48

How to Answer ‘So, what do you do’?” AIIP blog (Mar 23, 2021)

Pivoting Like Never Before” Online Searcher (Mar/Apr 2021), p. 48

Amaze Them With Library ScienceOnline Searcher (Jan/Feb 2021), p. 48

Showing, Not Telling, What You Do” AIIP blog (Dec 15. 2020)

Evaluating Econtent TodayOnline Searcher (Nov/Dec 2020), p. 48

Rethinking InformationOnline Searcher (Sept/Oct 2020), p. 48

Helping Everyone Play FAIROnline Searcher (Jul/Aug 2020), p. 48

Have We Hit Peak Google?Online Searcher (May/Jun 2020), p. 48

Moving from Freelancer to Information Consultant” AIIP blog (Mar 2020)

The Atomization of Information” Online Searcher (Mar/Apr 2020), p. 64

When the Peer-to-Peer Economy Meets CopyrightOnline Searcher (Jan/Feb 2020), p. 64

Managing Difficult Clients” AIIP blog (Dec 16 2019)

Able to Leap Info Silos in a Single BoundOnline Searcher (Nov/Dec 2019), p. 64

How to Give Yourself a Raise” AIIP blog (Sept 20, 2020)

How to be a GREAT contractor or subcontractor” AIIP blog (Sept 23, 2019)

Would You Trust a Free Taxi?Online Searcher (Sept/Oct 2019), p. 64

Getting to ‘yes’” AIIP blog (Jul 15, 2019)

The New Value EquationOnline Searcher (Jul/Aug 2019), p. 64

Measuring What’s Really Important” AIIP blog (Jun 30, 2020)

Bonsai Research” Online Searcher (May/Jun 2019), p. 64

Mad Men and Research Librarians” Online Searcher (Mar/Apr 2019), p. 64

Marketing With VignettesAIIP Connections Feb 2019

Ay Ay AI” Online Searcher (Jan/Feb 2019), p. 64

Googling Before You Google” Online Searcher (Nov/Dec 2018), p. 72

Are You 9-to-5 or 24/7?” AIIP Connections (Dec 2018), p. 20-21

BEEing an Info Pro” Online Searcher (Sept/Oct 2018), p. 72

Staying Resilient” AIIP Connections (Sept 2018), p. 13-14

Say What?: ‘Deepfakes’ Are Deeply Concerning” Online Searcher (Jul/Aug 2018), p. 72

Back to the Future With Hypertext” Online Searcher (May/Jun 2018), p. 72

Introvert’s Guide to Going F2F and Surviving” AIIP Connections (March 2018), p. 14-15

Knowing When to Say ‘When’” Online Searcher (Mar/Apr 2018), p. 72

Fighting Fake Facts With FUD” Online Searcher (Jan/Feb 2018), p. 72

400 Hours to Profitability” AIIP Connections (Dec 2017), p. 19-20

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“Become the Information Whisperer” Online Searcher (Sep/Oct 2017), p. 72

“On the Shoulders of Giants” Online Searcher (Jul/Aug 2017), p. 72

“Picture This: Challenges of Video Content and Searchability” Online Searcher (May/Jun 2017), p. 72

What’s ‘Research’ Anyway?Online Searcher (Mar/Apr 2017), p. 72

“Big Data Ain’t So Big” Online Searcher (Jan/Feb 2017), p. 72

“Self-Driving Search” Online Searcher (Nov/Dec 2016), p. 72

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Secrets of Successful Webinars” Online Searcher (Sept/Oct 2015), p. 10-15

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From Author to Publisher” AIIP Connections (Dec 2014), p. 11

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“Please Insert Value Here” Online Searcher (Jan/Feb 2014), p. 80

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Ready, Set, Help!: How to Find a Business Coach” QRCA Views (Fall 2010) p. 50-54

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