Mary Ellen’s Tools and Resources for Solopreneurs

I have found or developed these resources for my coaching clients and online courses, and clients have found them helpful. You can also see slide decks from my recent presentations HERE.

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The Reluctant Entrepreneur
See my latest thoughts on how to make a living doing what you love in my blog, the Reluctant Entrepreneur.

The Reality-Check Interview: Being a truly client-driven solopreneur
Use this tool to learn what your clients really want and value, not what you are 100% absolutely positive that you already know they want and need. Trust me… you don’t know!

Help! I Need Clients!
This ebook gives you ideas on how to find your ideal clients, see yourself as a business, and build your network. I include do’s and don’ts for people just starting their business, and a list of the strategies that DON’T work for solopreneurs.

Webinar: The Art of the Informational Interview
I gave this presentation for a virtual meeting of the Association of Independent Information Professionals on how to conduct successful conversations to learn what your market truly needs, values and will pay you for.

Solopreneur Checklist
This article gives every new solopreneur a to-do list that covers everything from your accountability buddy to your accounting package.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Cold-Call
This article explains why I believe cold-calling is a waste of time for solopreneurs and what I suggest you do instead.

What Do You Really Want?: Successful client-needs interviews
This article gets you thinking about what’s really going on when you are talking with a client about a project. Are you missing important opportunities to make yourself indispensable?

Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?
Use this IRS Fact Sheet to make sure that none of your client engagements look to the IRS like you’re a “permatemp” rather than a business owner.

MEB’s Amazing Hourly Rate Calculator (PDF)
While I usually don’t recommend that solopreneurs quote their hourly rate to clients, this calculator helps you figure out the minimum amount you need in order to be profitable. If you want the Excel version, just ask.

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