What am I talking about these days?

These are some of my recent speaking engagements. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to develop a presentation for your group.

“Libraries and Chatbots: How to bring generative AI into the library” Initiative Fortbildung (Dec 2023)

“AI and the Info Pro: Best Uses for AI in a Special Library” San Francisco/Bay Area Chapter, Special Libraries Association (Oct 2023)

“When Nothing Means Something” Internet Librarian (Oct 2023)

“SWOT for Search Professionals” Internet Librarian (Oct 2023)

“Super Searchers Tips” Internet Librarian (Oct 2023)

“AI and the Info Pro: the roles of AI in the library” North Dakota Library Association (Oct 2023)

“Successful Info Pros in a Data-Driven Enterprise” Copyright Clearance Center (Oct 2023)

“AI and the Info Pro: The Impact & Value of AI for Library Services & Research” Petroleum Abstracts (Sept 2023)

“Are You Smarter Than an AI?” Health Science Libraries of Minnesota (August 2023)

“Successful Info Pros in a Data-Driven Enterprise” Special Libraries Association (July 2023)

“The Risk and Economic Value of Copyright Licensing” Access Copyright (May 2023)

“Career Resilience for Librarians and Information Professionals: Information services in a changing world” LIANZA (May 2023)

ChatGPT & Information Integrity Copyright Clearance Center town hall (March 2023)