What am I talking about these days?

These are slide decks from some of my recent speaking engagements. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about any of these decks.

Expanding the Library Walls: Finding New Ways to Identify the Impact and ROI of Your Library I look at strategic approaches library managers have taken to enhance and highlight the impact and value of the library. Presented at SLA Annual Conference 2020.

Mining Institutional Knowledge: Using Text and Data Mining to Enhance Discovery I review some of the initiatives that knowledge managers and special librarians have led to enhance information and map internal and external content through text and data mining, and will offer a checklist of the questions an info pro needs to ask when evaluating knowledge mapping tools. Presented at SLA Annual Conference 2020.

AI, Insights and Info Pros I look at how info pros can look at artificial intelligence from a new perspective and identify opportunities to lead the AI discussion within their organizations. Presented at Computers in Libraries & Internet Librarian Connect 2020.

Super Searcher Secrets I offer my annual compilation of changes to my search strategies and tactics as the information landscape changes. Presented at Computers in Libraries & Internet Librarian Connect 2020.

The Reluctant INTRApreneur: living and thriving in an uncertain environment One of the attributes of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to recognize upcoming disruption and pivot to what their market needs now. This skill is just as important to librarians and information professionals within organizations; to thrive in today’s uncertain environment requires new INTRApreneurial skills. I offer strategies and techniques for cultivating resilience and acting proactively to pivot your approach. Presented at OPAL-PALNI Conference, August 7.

Solopreneurs in a COVID-19 World I offer strategies and approaches to help one-person businesses find their sweet spot of what their clients need, value and can pay for now. Presented for Jersey City Free Public Library, August 5.

Market Research for Small Businesses I offer techniques and strategies for gleaning actionable insights from reliable resources to help small businesses grow. Presented for Jersey City Free Public Library, August 3.

Refresh Your Search Strategies: New Tools, Tactics and Technologies I share new approaches to online research at the Info Trends virtual conference hosted by Special Libraries Association, June 30.

Infopreneurship in a COVID-19 World I talk about how members of the Association of Independent Information Professionals have been affected by the pandemic and offer five tips for pivoting like an infopreneur. Presented to the SLA New England Chapter on May 21.

Finding Hidden Resources I talk about how prospect researchers can find hidden resources from the deep web and grey literature. Presented for the Apra Rocky Mountains Virtual Spring Conference.

Finding Hidden Web Resources In this webinar, I look at strategies info pros can use to find resources they can’t unearth in a web search or a fee-based service. Presented for the Transportation Librarians Roundtable.

Indispensable Info Pros: Building Value in an AI World In this keynote presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, I offer a fresh perspective of how info pros can look at their services and roles in relation to AI initiatives.

You can watch my keynote here.


To see more of my past presentations, head over to Slideshare. You can see a snippet of one of my presentations here. And if you have any questions or comments about any of these slide decks, feel free to contact me.