Enhancing information professionals’ skills for the digital age

I’m known as an info pro’s info pro — I know what information professionals need to learn today and I bring a practical and creative approach to my presentations, webinars and workshops. Having worked as a librarian and information professional for decades, I provide actionable information and insights to participants.

A frequently-requested keynote speaker around the world, I bring fresh perspectives, new ideas and creative approaches to the biggest challenges facing information professionals. Hear what participants and conference organizers say about my presentations and classes:

  • Your session was the highest rated session of the conference!
  • Mary Ellen, your presentations have contributed to the success of our annual meeting and I’m so pleased that you were part of it.
  • Mary Ellen never fails to deliver practical, actionable tips that can be implemented yesterday!
  • Mary Ellen is fabulous and keeps me ahead of the pack. She also inspires me. She’s one of the main reasons I came to this conference!
  • Mary Ellen Bates gave me much to think about and new ways to think about what I already know!
  • Amazing! Great ideas! Great inspiration! Please invite Mary Ellen to be keynote at every conference!
  • Very informative, inspiring and thought-provoking.
  • Mary Ellen gave a wonderfully thought-provoking presentation in a fun and interesting way.
  • What a pleasure to hear Mary Ellen Bates in person — just as clear, smart and engaging in person as in print.
  • Mary Ellen Bates is the first person to actually provide me with practical considerations for AI and libraries.
  • Dynamic speaker with a well-honed, focused message; it was great to learn from a true professional.

See the slide decks from some of my recent presentations. 

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I also work with information industry providers to build meaningful connections with qualified new leads.

Through white papers, ebooks, webinars, conference presentations, online courses and small group presentations, I provide strategic perspectives, actionable advice and valuable insights to information professionals. As a recent webinar attendee said, “This was an excellent presentation. MEB provided more clarity around this topic than anything else I’ve read or heard. Nice job!”

As a well-known and respected keynote presenter and writer, I combine product information and thought leadership to help information vendors introduce a new product or service to the info pro market. I provide credibility, authority and an independent perspective — something not possible with internally-generated content.

“Springer Nature works with Mary Ellen because she is the go-to person in the industry.” –Caitlin Cricco, Senior Manager, Springer Nature

I am a sought-after speaker in the information industry, committed to creating presentations and collateral that effectively convey the value of and applications for my clients’ information products and services. My webinars are often attended by several hundred information professionals and librarians, many of whom are fresh qualified leads open to learning more about my client’s offerings.

“We were really pleased with the latest webinar. You kept a huge proportion of the audience through the entire presentation and Q&A, and we appreciate your engaging the audience so well.” –Kristy Jones, Marketing Director, Dow Jones

I also bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to Customer Advisory Board meetings, making advisory board membership more valuable to the participants. I can offer thought-provoking ideas and lead discussions on topics and concerns that result in innovative insights and richer connections among participants and with the client.

See some of the content I have developed to support the lead generation goals of my clients.

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