Providing new perspectives for information professionals

Information industry vendors commission me to develop free white papers, ebooks, webinars and online courses on topics of concern to information professionals. Because these are lead-generation tools, links below are to registration pages when possible. If you have any problems getting a copy of any of these resources, just contact me.

Insight As a Service: Info Pros and Artificial Intelligence, Springer Nature, 2019.

Bringing Insight to Data: Info Pros’ Role in Text and Data Mining, Springer Nature, 2018.

Competitive Intelligence for the Non-CI’er, ProQuest Dialog, 2017 [five-module online course]

Big Data and You: The Info Pro’s Role in Data Analytics, Factiva, 2017. [register for webinar recording to get white paper]

The True Cost of Information: Measuring the ROI of the Information Center, Springer Nature, 2017.

The True Value of Information: Making the Case For Value-Added Aggregators, Factiva, 2016.

The Accidental Intrapreneur: Becoming the Knowledge Center CEO, Factiva, 2015.

Moving Beyond Google: why and when to go pro, ProQuest Dialog, 2014.

Leveraging eContent in STM, Springer, 2013.

From Information to Insight for Info Pros: Demonstrating your library’s value to end users… and to upper management, ProQuest Dialog, 2013.

Delivery 360: Simple integration, customization and essential business intelligence to your competitive advantage, Dow Jones, 2011.

The True Value of Information: Making the Case For Value-Added Aggregators, Factiva, 2011.


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