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SKILL-BUILDER: Getting Paid What You’re Worth

What’s your hourly rate? If it’s not at least $150/hour, you’re undervaluing—and underpricing—yourself. Learn how to change how you think about pricing.

In this hour-long skill-builder, Getting Paid What You’re Worth: Pricing Secrets of Info-Entrepreneurs, you will cover:

  • The 7 Deadly Pricing Sins
  • How to use MEB’s Hourly-Rate Calculator
  • Why we undercharge
  • How to re-think your pricing to focus on value

Then you will get a 3-minute tour of the extensive online course, Pricing For Solopreneurs, which digs deeper into all the aspects of getting paid more for higher value.

After that, you’ll hear the questions from the live audience covering everything from how to figure out “value pricing” to accepting credit card payments and getting paid up front.

This skill-builder costs $19.95. If, after you watch this session, you feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth, email me with a suggestion on how I could make it more valuable for you, and I’ll refund your payment.

Email me to purchase this skill-builder.


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Mary Ellen Bates

Information industry pioneer, long-time info-entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, author of 7 books. I love what I do—helping other solopreneurs make a living doing what they love.