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ONLINE COURSE: Pricing For Solopreneurs

This 7-module course covers all the questions I have heard from fellow info-entrepreneurs about how to price your information services in a way that best reflects the value you provide to your clients.

Once you join the course, you will have access to seven learning modules, each including a 20- to 40-minute slidecast presentation, copies of the slide deck and audio file, material to download and read, and – yes! – homework to help you put each lesson to work immediately. I am always available to answer questions as you go through the course.

My commitment is that you will recoup the investment in this course within your next two client engagements, by showing you why and how to charge at least $150 an hour for your services. And what’s the cost? $195, or less than two hours of your (newly-valued) time.

A simple conversation with Mary Ellen shifted my perspective so completely that I am approaching my business in a whole new way.”
—Verna Wilder

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Want to see what’s inside? Here is an outline of each module and what you can expect.

Module 1: Pricing Fundamentals

My recorded presentation covers:

  • 5 pricing myths
  • Solopreneur math
  • What are others charging?
  • Paying the IRS

You will read Mike McDerment’s ebook, Breaking the Time Barrier: How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential, and review the IRS’ Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center.

The homework gets you thinking about value pricing in your business.

Module 2: Setting Your Hourly Rate

My recorded presentation covers:

  • What are your expenses?
  • Now let’s do the math…
  • What if I’m just part-time?

You can download the calculator in (XLS) or (PDF)

The homework involves completing this calculator for your business.

Module 3: Pricing By the Hour or By the Project

My recorded presentation covers:

  • What is per-hour and per-project pricing?
  • Pros and cons of per-hour & per-project
  • Handling objections

You will download the IRS fact sheet on the differences between contractors and employees.

The homework looks at whether you look like a “permatemp” to the IRS, and how you can repackage your services with project pricing.

Module 4: Profitably Pricing a Project

My recorded presentation covers:

  • Finding the value
  • Scoping out a project
  • Pricing permutations
  • Getting paid up front

You will download a short article on the Client-Needs Interview. You will also download and customize my Project Pricing template.

The homework includes customizing my Project Pricing template for the kind of projects you do.

Module 5: You’re Not Charging Enough!

My recorded presentation covers:

  • Reality check: Are you offering real value?
  • What kind of spending is this?
  • The threat of retainer clients
  • Why we undercharge
  • Handling self-doubts

You will download an article on reality-check interviews.

The homework reviews the insights from your reality-check interviews so you can take what you learned and modify your price accordingly.

Module 6: Presenting & Selling a Budget

My recorded presentation covers:

  • You’re a business, not a person
  • Using proposals strategically
  • Negotiating and closing the sale

You will review Mike McDerment’s ebook if you didn’t earlier.

The homework looks at how you can handle objections from your clients.

Module 7: Raising Your Price

My recorded presentation covers:

  • The dangers of raising your price
  • The benefits of raising your price
  • How to raise your price

Plus, there is absolutely no risk

I want to completely eliminate any risk when you order Pricing For Solopreneurs. If during the first 30 days after your purchase you’re not completely satisfied, just tell me what I could do to improve the course and I’ll refund your $195. So there’s no risk and nothing to lose.

WOW! Yes, I’d like to take this course!

Email me to sign up for this course

Got questions? Just ask!

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Mary Ellen Bates

Information industry pioneer, long-time info-entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, author of 7 books. I love what I do—helping other solopreneurs make a living doing what they love.