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ONLINE COURSE: Getting Your First Five Clients

I started my business as a reluctant entrepreneur, so I know that deer-in-the-headlights feeling of having no clients and no idea how to get them. But I knew that to live the life I wanted and to create a business I enjoy, I had to get out of my comfort zone. And you know what?  I discovered it’s definitely possible to run a business doing what you love…and have FUN while you’re doing it.

I got my first five clients using the same principles I teach in Getting Your First Five Clients. And I continue to grow my business today using these principles.

Now, you could work with me during one-on-one coaching sessions to learn everything I’m going to teach you in Getting Your First Five Clients. However, that would cost you at least $2,000—and you wouldn’t have access to the audio and printed resources you receive with Getting Your First Five Clients.

Instead of $2,000 or more, I’m offering it for only $195. To add substantial value to Getting Your First Five Clients, you’ll also receive my FREE BONUS BUNDLE of sample forms and templates.

And this course includes one-on-one feedback after each of the five modules, as well as half an hour of individual coaching with Mary Ellen.

Are you ready for your first five clients?

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The beauty of Getting Your First Five Clients is its straightforward simplicity. It is built around five easy-to-follow teaching modules. Each comes with:

  • A 20- to 25-minute screencast
  • A slide deck that corresponds with each screencast
  • An audio file you can listen to later
  • Teaching exercises and action plans that you can send me for my feedback and suggestions
  • Additional materials relevant to each module

You’ll discover that what currently separates you from being a solopreneur who charts your course is merely a gap… not a gaping wide chasm! I’ll show you how to secure your first five clients through proven strategies that enable you to:

  • Determine how your skills best serve a particular market niche
  • Identify what prospects value and need—and what they’re willing to pay for it
  • Decide if being a generalist or a specialist is your best course of action
  • Create a word-of-mouth referral system that continually fills your pipeline
  • Attract clients by positioning yourself as a trusted, polished authority
  • Establish a strong web and social media presence that generates attention
  • And much more!

I KNOW that when Mary Ellen Bates speaks, I pick up either new things or things I’ve heard her say, but that I’ve forgotten! Always worth the time.
Jan Knight, Bancroft Information Services


Five lessons that build a rock-solid business foundation

The core of Getting Your First Five Clients is five teaching lessons that form the foundation of a solopreneur business that thrives through recessions, bull markets, and the challenges of everyday life. Since it’s an on-demand course, you can return to each module and its support materials whenever you need to reset your business or sharpen your fundamentals.

And remember, I provide you with individual feedback after each module and you also receive half an hour of one-on-one coaching with Mary Ellen.

Lesson #1 – Hunting For Woozles

Ever read Winnie the Pooh? Then you know what it means to hunt for Woozles. This module will teach you how to:

  • Identify what’s really out there – instead of making false assumptions
  • Study your market through industry-expert interviews and research
  • Assess what your target audience really values and needs – and what they’ll pay for it

Lesson #2 – Niche or Generalist

Is a “jack of all trades” really a master of none? In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Determine the needs you can actually meet for your clients
  • Choose between being a generalist or a specialist
  • Identify the market niche in which you can really stand out

Lesson #3 – Starting Word-of-Mouth Referrals

You might be surprised to find out what’s still the most powerful form of marketing. In this lesson, get ready to:

  • Understand the power of being the first mouth
  • Step up and position yourself as an industry thought leader
  • Learn the five elements of word-of-mouth marketing

Lesson #4 – Looking Like a Business

It’s true—you only get one chance to make a first impression. Lesson #4 teaches you how to:

  • Establish an interactive online store front
  • Build an authentic social media presence
  • Set up a repeating content marketing program

Lesson #5 – The Big 5 (mistakes solopreneurs make)

Missteps can be gateways to great learning opportunities. This module teaches you to:

  • Avoid five major mistakes that can kill your momentum
  • Always make client outcomes your ongoing priority
  • Become a magnet for referrals and new business

Are you ready for your first five clients?

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I am dedicated to providing you with the greatest possible value for your investment, so I am including a collection of  sample forms and templates that support what you learn during these lessons. These include:

Asking for Woozle-Hunting Interviews

  • Learn the power of information-gathering interviews with industry decision makers
  • Discover how to write queries to those who can help you the most
  • Find out how “short and sweet” can open doors for you

Woozle Hunting Interview Questions

  • Shape a series of probing, intelligent questions
  • Move beyond assumptions and find out what prospects really need
  • Assess what prospects really desire…and how much they’ll pay for it

Introducing Yourself to Colleagues

  • Reach out to peers in an effective and engaging way
  • Ask questions that create ongoing conversations
  • Build lasting relationships by offering to promote others

Getting Testimonials

  • Approach colleagues in a friendly manner
  • Realize that most people are open to helping you
  • Learn an easy testimonial process that works every time

Asking for Referrals

  • Find out how to approach satisfied clients
  • Discover a simple, 4-step formula for generating referrals
  • See why the process can be comfortable and repeatable

Plus, there is absolutely no risk!

I want to eliminate any risk when you order Getting Your First Five Clients. If during the first 30 days after your purchase you’re not completely satisfied, just tell me what I could do to improve the course and I’ll refund your $195.

And remember, included in this course is half an hour of one-on-one coaching with Mary Ellen.

Are you ready for your first five clients?

Email me to sign up for this course


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Mary Ellen Bates
Information industry pioneer, long-time info-entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, author of 7 books. I love what I do—helping other solopreneurs make a living doing what they love.